Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday, October 6th 2012... So Far, So Good

My first night home was uneventful. I napped when I got home, woke up to some home made chicken soup that Jeff made and went back to sleep like 2 hours later.

When I woke up I was in a lot of pain since it had been long overdue for pain meds. I was REALLY sore but I really had to pee! Later after I went back to sleep (and taking a pain pill) I kind of snapped at Jeff before he left for work (I was still lying down sleeping) that I didn't need anything. He was only trying to help and I have since apologized.

I woke up 2 times after he left and each time I took a pain pill. So when Jeff got home for lunch I was good to get up and out of bed. He set up the laptop in the living room for me and hooked up another monitor to it so I could watch movies if I wanted. He made me some oatmeal to eat and just basically made sure I was set and comfortable before he went back to work. We decided that I'd text him throughout the day saying I was okay or not. If I really needed him he's only 15 minutes away.

When Jeff went back to work I started getting some awful back pain which I am definitely attributing to gas. I got on the comfy chair and even that wasn't comfortable. I took another pain pill and I think it was too soon because I started to get really nauseous. It was so bad that my mouth was producing so much saliva that I stood over the bathroom sink for 10 minutes spitting. I can honestly say I was scared to death of throwing up and I came pretty damn close. So I took something for that and went to lie down in my bed. I was able to lie on my side for the first time since the surgery and I FARTED!!!! The pain in my back instantly went away. Since I was spent from being that uncomfortable and still a bit nauseous, I napped for another hour or so.

My PA said since the diet change to soft foods I would go through another bout with gas not getting out and moving my bowels. She was right. But since I am progressing to the point I can lie, and sleep, on my side I think I'll be okay.

I'm sitting up now with a movie on and Jeff left some chicken soup covered in a pot for me so I had a bowl of that too. The chair I'm in tilts all the way back so I can take pressure off different parts of my body when I need to. I can even sit on my foot!!!

Life is weird. Only 2 months ago my goal in life was to graduate college. Now my goal is to fart and move my bowels. Go figure. LOL