Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, October 19th 2012... The Roller Coaster Ride

It's been a little while since I've posted and not all my friends are on Facebook.

I have been riding a roller coaster during this recovery. Everything was looking really well until my bowel movements stopped again. I was having back to back fevers, some around 102 (danger range for me is 101), and my urine output was concentrated and rather dark even with all the water I was drinking.  

I started to get really nervous about this change and called my doctor.... I was seen the same day. She changed up some meds, and told me to up my water intake and they are going to test my urine to see if anything viral is going on. Had a pelvic exam done and there's no sign of infection. More laxatives because I'm having a rough time moving my bowels as well. The pain meds were changed to non barbiturates and not containing Tylenol. She told me to get regular strength Tylenol and use it as directed. I was also instructed to up my stool softener to twice daily. If the back to back fever continue into next week, she's going to prescribe an antibiotic.

It seems my taste are changing along with everything else. On Tuesday I tried eating leftovers from a really GOOD pasta, spinach, and shrimp dish.... managed to get down 3 shrimp and couldn't eat anymore of it. I love Yoo Hoo and I couldn't choke that down if I was forced too. If I'm not craving it, it starts to taste bad (like a tinny metallic taste) and I just can't do it. 

I had pizza on Monday, french fries from the oven on Tuesday, and Taco Bell on Wednesday. That was it. Thursday morning I wanted bread and figured I'd butter it to make it a bit moister. Well, by the time I got to the 2nd piece the butter started tasting tinny and I gave it to the dog. I was craving strawberry Pop Tarts and sliced turkey. Jeff got me both so I had 2 Pop Tarts for lunch and a turkey sammich for dinner :)

It's really weird. My doctor said this is going to go on for awhile. It's okay I guess... I lost another 7 lbs. LOL

Yesterday, around 7ish, the laxatives kicked in and I got my appetite back somewhere around midnight, but I had another fever. I got it down and wanted anything potato. I wasn't going to ask Jeff to start cooking at 1am so I had a turkey sammich. This morning the potato craving was still there and Jeff made us some home fries, scrambled eggs (which is weird because I always eat my eggs sunny side up yet craved scrambled) and some bacon. I finished the potatoes and eggs but couldn't finish the bacon. It wasn't from a lack of taste, but rather I ate a lot of potatoes! LOL

My body is going through all sorts of changes. It's fight to maintain homeostasis is causing all sorts of weird shit. Like the cravings and my itchy palms. My doctor said this is all normal and I'll balance out eventually.

I talked to my doctor about returning to work. I was going to work tomorrow for 7 hours. Since I had this "change" in status, she feels returning to work any time soon would be a mistake. She said I should wait for at least another month. I'm a bit disappointed but my health is more important.

As my friend Joanne says... "Baby Steps". So that's what I'm going to do. Not think about when I can do what but rather monitor the present day and track what's going on. I'm going to take "Baby Steps" each day in order to recover :)

Thanks for listening! Love yous all and God Bless!!!