Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday, November 5th, 2012.... CA 125 Test Results.

I went for a blood test approximately a week or so ago to test the cancer level in my blood stream. It's called a CA 125 test. Everyone has a normal range of about 0-30. Dr, Fiorica told me that he has seen this number go into the thousands on some cancer patients. I thought mine was 144, come to find out today it was over 400 before the surgery.

I got a call from his office's medical assistant today and the results of my test came back. I'm now at 33. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!

The review from John Hopkins is also back confirming the borderline results Dr. Fiorica found about the mass. There is no plan of action as of yet as to how he is going to proceed about the chemo in my file. He is in surgery today but his medical assistant is going to ask if he has one and whether she can call me with it or will I have to wait until my appointment on the 16th.

Good news make me happy :) I'm praying I won't need chemo.

Thanks for listening! God Bless! Love y'all!!! :)