Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, October 4th 2012 Update.... The Poopfest has Started!

Well, the goal for the day was to fart. Really, it was. I had to be able to pas gas before I was able to be released from the hospital.

Umm... well, I blew right past farting to full blown diarrhea! But that's good! It's actually the ultimate goal.... the bowels are moving!


I also have no more pain pump *AND* I'm no longer on the IV fluids. So I'm no longer tethered to ANYTHING!!! I'm free I tell ya.... FREE!

They put me on oral Percocet and it makes me a little nauseous but I can handle it. It's taking care of the pain like it's supposed to. I haven't walked this afternoon because, well.... the poopfest had started and I'm not traveling THAT far away from the toilet.

The nurse took out the first IV I had because it was due to come out anyway. I had another one because I needed one above my wrist for a CT. Well, that one had to be removed too because it wasn't holding. So sometime soon she will be coming in here to start another IV. As long as I'm still a patient here on this floor I have to have an IV started even if I'm not hooked up to anything. Certain meds they have can only be given through an IV. I'm okay with it though. I'll want the Ativan later for sleep and I'll need the IV for that med.

But the real news is the poopfest. I'm very happy :) That means I'm getting better and one more step coser to home.

Oooh.... dinner is here!

God Bless!!!

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