Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, September 10th, 2012 - The Preliminary Diagnosis

After finally being able to get into the department of health for an appointment, once the doctor assessed me, he ripped up his initial referrals and said I didn't have "weeks" to wait for an exam and wrote a referral to the Emergency Room for testing.

That scared me. Jeff had offered to come with me but I knew it was going to be a long wait and it was only for testing so I told him I'd let him know what was going on periodically and there was no need for him to leave work.

Mondays at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in the ER are a nightmare. Within the six hour wait I had to endure, my blood work was done, I had a urinalysis, an IV started and a CT scan done. So it's not like they weren't doing anything, the availability of beds were low, but the care was still there.

I was happy that my friend Joanne was there working that day and when the night shift came on, she was able to get me in the back a bit sooner. I already knew that she had seen my CT scan results before I did and was not allowed to say anything.

When I was finally able to get a room in the ER, she sat with me when the Physicians Assistant came in to talk to me. He just rattled off the preliminary diagnosis of "ovarian cancer" that was seen on the scan like I already knew I had it. My mind stuck on those two words and I really didn't hear much after that. I wanted him to LEAVE.

When he did leave, I burst into tears and Joanne was immediately holding onto me. I cried and couldn't stop shaking. She didn't leave my side until I asked her to get me some water. I also asked her to text Jeff to get to the hospital immediately.

The doctor came in and offered me some choices since I don't have medical insurance. I could have stayed and let the dept of health come see me in the morning or go home and make an appt with the doh and save myself a whopping hospital bill.

The gave me something for the nausea and something for the pain. I wish they could have given me something to take away the fear as well.

Jeff got there and held onto me for a long time while we both cried. We talked about the options for the evening and we waited for the doctor to call the on call doctor at the doh and find out what they said. We were going to go with what the doh doctor recommended.

It was decided that I would go home and see the doh doctor the next day. There was no real benefit of me staying there.

I was unhooked from my IV and I went home. I got home and took the Ativan they prescribed me for anxiety, and hugged my dog.

I had nightmares about surgery.

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