Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday, September 12th 2012 - 2 days after Preliminary Diagnosis

I went to the Department of Health (referred to as DOH from now on) at 2:30pm on Tuesday. Jeff went with me and held my hand the entire time.

When the doctor came in and asked me what the ER said, I told him they said I have ovarian cancer. His eyes grew big and was astonished. I thanked him for getting me over to the ER when he did and he agreed.

He explained to me that the DOH works rather slow but he put (in huge lettering) across my file "ASAP - DX: CA". He explained that the first step is an examination by the OBGYN doctor, then the biopsy and surgery.

He personally walked my file over to the Womens Center and made the appointment for me. The best they could do was 9/24/12. He was very disappointed, as was Jeff and I, at the delay. He appologied and reiterated that this is a county facility and they do the best they can. I understood, but it is very frustrating.

He explained to me that I should not miss any appointments and do everything they ask of me. I already knew this but listened anyway. He gave me a prescription for nausea and said if any of my symptoms get any worse I am to go back to the ER.

Jeff and I thanked him and we left.

I got home and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I was emotionally DRAINED. I slept from around 4pm until 2:30am because my hips and back hurt again. Those are symptoms of ovarian cancer.... I thought it was time to flip the mattress. What do I know :/

So now I wait. Every bad thing imaginable is running through my head. Trying to stay positive is really hard when it's YOUR feet in the shoes of the woman who has the cancer.

Post note: I did call Moffit Cancer Center and my medical records are going to be faxed over to them tomorrow. I should here backfrom them in 3-5 business days but they do take un-funded patients and they are the BEST cancer treatment center in Tampa!

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