Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday, October 5th 2012.

I'm going home today!!!!

I'm where I need to be at in order to be released. I'm ready and my PA thinks so too. The poopfest has calmed down and I'm doing well with just oral pain meds. I am able to get around, I was up last night cleaning off the table next to my bed and sitting up in the chair with my feet up on the bed yakking on the phone.... I can do that at home :)

We discussed what I should and shouldn't do for awhile and I'll have the staples removed in about 10 days. We will also discuss the biopsy results and how we will proceed from there next week. For now she just wants me to take it easy at home.

I called Jeff and gave him the good news and he'll be here around 2pm (I'll be discharged around 3ish). He's making a pot of home made chicken soup! He's really a great cook and his chicken soup ROCKS! We're both really happy with this news :) I really miss him and he's worked real hard to get everything ready for me to come home. I can't even begin to tell everyone what an exceptional man he really is. I'm fortunate to have him in my life and I appreciate him more than he'll ever know. I'm a lucky woman in this respect to have such a caring, compassionate, strong man as Jeff is.... I just love him to pieces! And he loves and adores me :)

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. LOL

The nursing staff here at Sarasota Memorial Hospital is outstanding. With the exception of one night having to wait for almost 3 hours for nausea medication, I cannot really complain. Everyone is so willing to help and shows nothing but care and compassion for their patients. I am so thankful for their care these past 5 days. They treated me with dignity and respect and I never really wanted for anything. They anticipated my needs, assisted me when I needed it and left me alone when I wanted it as well. I'll be writing a nice letter for them next week letting them know how much i appreciated their help.

So, the "Stapled Lady" gets to go home today!!! Woo F'n Hoo!!! I'll still be posting in the blog after I get home but maybe not daily, we'll see. I'll still keep everyone informed of changes and progression.

Thanks for riding along with me through this leg of my journey.

Love yous all and God Bless!!!

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