Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update... Wednesday 10/3

Went for my first walk up and down the hallway this evening. I had a rather tall walker and Jeff walked with me pushing my IV pole.

It's a long damn hallway!

Jeff said I had a pretty good pace and even picked it up on the last leg of it. I did cause I was a bit winded and wanted to get  back into bed! LOL

I need to get the gasses moving in my bowels and walking assists with this. That was the first time and it sure took a lot out of me but I am going to request to do at least 1/2 the hallway again before I go to sleep.

I am feeling a bit nauseated again though and that has me worried. I asked for another Mylecon gas tab so I hope that helps.

Still anticipating that fart! C'mon!!! LOL

**NOTE: They decided against the picc line. They don't think I'll need anymore invasive tests that would call for it and don't think I need to be put through it. YEAH!

And Carrie Longo came to visit and bought me a beautiful plant! It was such a nice surprise to see her!

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